Avid anti-exercise slug of a person turned running addict!

Don’t ask how it happened because I honestly don’t really know.  Through almost all of my life I had not been involved in sports or much activity at all.  Playing only baseball in my youth (and not being very skilled at that) I stopped having any involvement in sports or other physical activity around the age of 11.  As time went on and my inactivity only worsened, I became severely obese. I yo-yo dieted all throughout my teenage years and through college managing to lose and gain the same 70lbs or more!  If I didn’t do something drastic I was sure my life would be cut short.  In 2011 I decided to dramatically change my diet – going low-carb.  I have lost over 200lbs from my highest weight.  Even with that I still wasn’t very “active.”

In April of 2016 I accompanied my wife to Boston for her first marathon experience.  I had zero interest as she trained.  She would be gone for hours at a time and I just didn’t understand how she could “torture” herself like that.  After seeing “the magic” of the Boston Marathon and people from all walks of life who were running it I thought, there’s no excuse.  Do something! Anything!  I suppose that was my start to running.  I’ve never looked back!

Now more that a year into running I went from having a goal of doing a half marathon in my first year to having completed a full marathon!  I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2016 and now we’re into my next season.  I’m hoping to show people that you don’t have to be a “running god” to run and enjoy it!  Just. Keep. Running.


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