Luvo Inc. *Real* food from the freezer

Disclaimer: I received Luvo Inc. Healthy Meals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I think it’s easily been 10+ years since I’ve eaten a frozen dinner… And I have to say I didn’t have fond memories… That said, I was a little skeptical of Luvo Inc.

My initial experience: Ordering ONLINE! I was super excited about this. Place your order online and get email updates with delivery. This is perfect! No hassle.

The options: Not bad! What other company offers tandoori-inspired spiced chicken or Hawaiian un-fried rice!

The first one I tried was Thai-Style Green Curry Chicken. First off, looking at the ingredients the only weird ingredients were xanthum gum that was in the coconut milk and anchovy extract in the fish sauce. Otherwise, there were all real food ingredients! Tell me where else you’ll find that in a frozen food! Now, the taste? Pretty darn good! If you put this next to your random frozen TV dinner this is like the gourmet edition! Well seasoned and had a good kick of curry! If you like curry, try this for sure!

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Next on the menu was chicken corn chowder and tandoori-inspired spiced chicken with mango, brown jasmine rice, broccoli and cauliflower. Both were very good, but because I like things a bit more spicy and seasoned, the tandoori-inspired chicken won me over!

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From the website:


We believe that when you eat well, you feel and perform better in all aspects of life, so we’re on a mission to make wholesome, delicious meals more accessible for all. And we’re doing it by sticking to a few guiding principles:


We take a fact-based approach to nutrition that is supported by credible 3rd party sources like the World Health Organization and the Harvard School of Public Health. We pack in fruits and veggies, whole grains and responsibly sourced proteins while limiting sodium and added sugar, and avoiding artificial colors and flavors. Click here to learn more about fact-based nutrition.


If it doesn’t make your mouth water and your heart happy, you won’t want to eat it, so we’ve crafted our recipes with a food lover’s dedication to freshness, variety and flavor.


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrition or taste in the name of convenience, which is why we create our wholesome, delicious meals with ease-of-use in mind.”

These meals were mighty tasty. They won’t break the bank at around $6 a pop (certainly cheaper than my work cafeteria!), and the taste is definitely better than what you’re used to when you think “frozen meal.”  They have bowls, Planted™ Power Bowls, and Steamed in Pouch™ Meals. Check out their site to see all the various flavors and combinations!

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