The DMSE Classic Hat Trick

“Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the DMSE Classic race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

The DMSE Classic is a race series that includes a 5k, 10k, and half marathon. You can do any one of them, or do the 5 and 10k for the five and dime or why not do all three for the hat trick?! I did the hat trick.

Bib Pickup: Smooth sailing. It took all of 5 minutes. Along with the bib we got our shirt which was cotton. The female shirt was a tech shirt but cotton is kind of nice for a change! Along with that we got our hat trick 22.4 magnets! I thought that was a really nice touch.


5k – this was a nice easy run, not very hilly except one steady hill toward the end. It was a great warm up race!

10k – this was my nemesis. I was not really trying to race this one but at the same time I felt great so sped right along. There were some sneaky hills on this course and I ended up walking parts of two of them. Somehow I managed about a 40 second PR though!

Half Marathon: Sooo, I was a bit tired for this race. My legs were feeling it from my racing the previous day. Three miles in and I knew this was going to be a little bit slow going. Again with the sneaky hills! There was one that was about half a mile long or so and a decent pitch that got me to walk it. Mile 11 proved to have another hill worthy of walking. All that said, I finished strong and even had enough energy for a jumping finish line photo!

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One complaint – lack of porta potties on the course. There were plenty back at the start and the lines were never bad. Still, when it’s mile 5 and you’ve got a bladder full it really sucks to hold it til the end.

Food/Refreshments: Immediately after the finish line there was plenty of ice cold water handed out by volunteers. Then there was the runners tent with bananas, chips, and granola bars. Muscle milk and Yasso Greek yogurt pops were there too. Those Yasso bars were quite welcome after all those miles! There’s always some in my freezer.

Runners were also given 2 beer and 2 food vouchers on the bib. The food was a bit lacking being that your option was that of a pretzel or popcorn. It would have been nice to have hotdogs, fruit or some other kind of substantial food, especially after the half marathon. The beer was ok, a bit bitter, but I really liked that all the proceeds went to charity. That’s the kind of beer I can rally behind.

Entertainment: They had live music from a couple of singer/songwriter type guys. Overall, they had good song selection and kept the crowd interested.

Medals! There are 5! One for each race and then one for the five and dime and one for the hat trick. If medals are what you chase, this was the perfect weekend for you!

There was a children’s fun run on Saturday as well as a celebrity mile run where local and national celebrities ran a mile. This was incredibly touching with Jeff Bauman and Adrianne Haslet both there. As a side note, my wife ran the Boston Marathon in 2016 and had a moment with Adrianne around mile 19. She got to speak with her about it and she remembered her! Too cool. She’s really an amazing person and strong force.IMG_20170722_111228



Overall, this race weekend was put together well and had a lot of spirit. I would definitely run this again and would recommend it to any and all!

My fellow #bibravepro Brenda ran the Hat Trick as well!  Check her out on the socials: Instagram | Twitter


Say hi to #bibravepro Danielle too!  She ran the five & dime! Instagram | Twitter





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