SmellWell Review!

“Disclaimer: I received Smell Well pouches to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Hey everyone!  I’m back now to give my formal review of the SmellWell Pouches.  If you didn’t enter my contest or happen to see my tweets or Instagram posts these little things are pretty dang cool!

First off – I’m running another raffle for 2 free SmellWell Pouches!!!  If you comment below and head over to my twitter account you can enter by commenting below and/or commenting on my Twitter post of this review!  (Valid only for continental US or Canada only – sorry Euro friends!) I’ll announce the winner, at random, by or before the end of July 2017.  I will comment below when the winner is picked!

Now, I’m a dude… I stink… that’s what dudes do, right?  Well, not all the time but after a decent run or after 24hrs at work I can be pretty ripe!  Who would want that to be trailing them around? Not me! Enter SmellWell!

So what are SmellWell pouches?

From the manufacturer: “It affects us all. Even the best made and loved shoes will eventually start to become a little less than fresh! SmellWell Shoe Freshener is a revolutionary, fun and easy-to-use product that does not just hide odors, but effectively goes to the source of the problem and eliminates it! By absorbing moisture and removing odor, SmellWell Shoe Freshener fixes the problem and leaves a fresh, clean scent.”

With my first whiff of these I was pleasantly met with a fresh and clean smell – not a chemical type smell at all.  I kind of think it smells a bit like “new car scent” air fresheners for the car, but not that strong.

I put these little guys to many tests.

I tried them out first in my shoes to see how they’d do after a quick run and my shoes weren’t too funkified.  They impressed me! Amazingly, my shoes smelled *really fresh* after the pouches did their thing!

shoes floor pouches

Next up, how did they do when I packed my bags and shipped up to Boston for the BAA 10k?  Answer: phenomenal! As soon as I opened up my bag I could smell that pleasant smell and all my clothes were kept nice and fresh en route!


I really put them to the test after the race!  My family was heading up to Maine for our annual holiday and I didn’t want my stinky gear to ruin the ride!  I bagged them and plopped my pouches right in and hoped for the best!


Can I say they worked magic and made my bag smell perfectly fresh and absorbed all the sweat and moisture?  No…  But hey, these things aren’t crafted by Santa Claus.  They have limits, and reaaally pushed it!  I should say too that the smell did NOT escape the bag and no one was gagging from a bag o’ funk on the drive up to Maine either!  So, I call that a win!

To push the limit even a bit more I loaded up my gear and brought it into work as I planned to do a morning run after pulling a night shift.

bibchat pouches

My coworker was very happy! (and even got in on it!)

work pouches

Overall, I was really thrilled with the SmellWell pouches.

Check them out!  At $9.99 USD they’re pretty cheap and last a good while!  They quote 3-4 months.  I’ve had mine over a month now and they’re going strong!

Make sure to check them out on all the socials!  Instagram  –  Twitter  –  Facebook  –  Website

Buy 2 and get the 3rd free using code “BIBPRO10” on Amazon. The link is –


Don’t just take my word for it!  Here’s some of my fellow Pro’s reviews for SmellWell:

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