Detroit Free Press Marathon 2017: My White Whale


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Ok, it’s a done deal. My goal has been set.  The Detroit Free Press Marathon, October 15th 2017.  There, it’s in “ink,” it’s real. It will happen!

This is my second year running and this will be my second marathon!  I couldn’t believe I accomplished couch to marathon in just about 7 months last year.  This year I’ve added a few other challenges and thanks to the BibRave community and the awesome support there I know I’ll knock it out of the park this year!  I’ll recap a bit of my marathon experience last year.  I had, what I thought, was great training and completed a few half marathons and felt really good going into the big day.  The day came and it was a balmy 35°F and had winds 20+ mph consistently with gusts over 40mph.  I was *not* ready for that!  I bonked around mile 18 and walked until mile 23 where I finished the last 3+ miles with what bit of running I could muster.  The day had won, and I didn’t make my goal time.  I was heartbroken, but also thrilled that I had completed a bloody MARATHON!!!

With that bit of history you can now see why I’m calling the Detroit Free Press Marathon my White Whale for 2017.  Now, I’m not saying I’m going to obsess with time goals, etc to the point of causing bodily harm or neglecting my family – but I’m going to really give it my all this year to see if I can make it happen!  At the end of it, I want to say that I had given it my all and if I don’t meet my goals again, well, there’s more years ahead of me with more marathons to tackle!

So why the Detroit Free Press Marathon?  Well, location, location, location!  I have family in Michigan and lived in Michigan for a while and not once did I go to Detroit.  I know, crazy!  So I’m heading to the East side of the state and will be visiting friends I have from there, one of whom is running the half the day before!  I’ll be cheering him on for his half and he’ll be there for my big day.  The other part is that it crosses over into Canada! Our friendly neighbors to the North.  I love Canada and have several friends in Canada.  It’ll be great fun be able to say I have ran (part of) a race in a different country.  Check out the route:


Check out more details here on Map My Run.

My training begins soon and will ramp up accordingly.  I’ll be starting toward the end of June.  I have a couple of races throughout the summer and in the fall that will help me get back into race mentality and ready for my big day.  Nutrition and hydration will be paramount as usual and I’ll be refining that along the way.  My body does seem to rebel against various “fuels” so I’m always on the hunt for the perfect long run fuel and hydration combo!  Keep up with my blogs to watch me experiment!

Do you have a goal for this fall?  Is a marathon one of them?!  Are you in the area or looking for a runcation?  Why not join me!  There’s plenty of races on race weekend including the Meijer Kids Fun Run, the American Home Fitness 5k, the US-only Half Marathon, the International Half Marathon, the Marathon Relay, and the Marathon.

Check out the Detroit Free Press Marathon at their website to learn more and when you sign up don’t forget to use code DETROITBRP17 to save 10% off your registration!

You can also follow all the happenings on the socials with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!


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