2017 Running Season 

2016 was a wrap after November 20th for me. I ran (um, well… also walked, trotted and maybe crawled) my first marathon that day. It was an amazing accomplishment! My family was waiting for me at the finish line and what a feeling to cross that finish line! 

And like that, my high was gone. 

I told myself I’d keep running. I’d find a way through the winter. Dreadmill if need be! Just. Keep. Running… I fell flat. Lack of motivation, family and work life stress… I lost my own battle. The next time I ran was in January for 2 miles and felt like I was going to keel over. Excuses filled my mind and I let them win. 

This past weekend I found some inspiration. I was in Washington DC visiting folks and brought my shoes, shorts and a shirt – I hit the road. I didn’t have to drive my running path. I walked right outside and went. 

It was inspiring to be in our nation’s capital and running down streets of history. Running by the capital building, the Smithsonian, and the Washington monument was truly inspiring. No matter what your politics are, you can appreciate this country when you’re running around the national mall! 

I’m moving forward and keeping this MOJO going! I’m ready for 2017. It’s time to dig in my heals and… 

Just. Keep. Running. 


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