Rock n Roll Philadelphia  Half Marathon! 

My first half marathon! Completed. 

Wow! Well, I’ve accomplished what I originally set out to accomplish this fall – a half marathon. And now, this was my first scheduled “practice race” of the fall. It’s insane to think of how far I’ve come and more insane to think of where I’m going! Two more halves and then the big 26.2 in Philadelphia this November.  

More about the Rock n Roll half:

I chose this half because a good portion of the course is the same as the Philadelphia Marathon. I figured this would give me a preview for what I would be facing. It was also a pretty big race with around 17k runners. I thought this would get me used to a large racing event as well considering the largest race I had been in was around 100 people. 

Things went surprisingly smooth. Before the race I jogged/walked my way to the steps of the museum to meet some awesome folks from #werunsocial! 

Organizer Dani (@IrishEyes1982) was great and it was even her birthday weekend. She hooked me up with some sweet #werunsocial swag too. 

Had to represent the awesome @energybits as well! 

Next up –  Time to go! 

The course was mostly flat and fast with very few inclines. It was incredible to be able to run around downtown Philly. Right down Ben Franklin Parkway and JFK – too cool! 

Making our way down Kelly Dr was the beginning of few spectators and the need to really be with yourself and run for the Love of it. Many people slowed and walked. At times it got tough. The humidity was awful! Hydrating and feuling became an art, no science. 

Some fun shots along the way! 

I hit the wall a bit around mile 11 because my wrist GPS was off and I thought I was further along than I was so I pushed to finish strong too early. I was able to muster a 3rd wind for about the last half mile and really push through. It felt SO GOOD to cross that finish line. 

Until next time – run strong! Run… #likeaBOS 


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