Week 3: Completed! 

I’ve been woefully neglectful of this poor little blog in recent days. As you can imagine life does get a bit busy between work, family life,  and of course marathon training! 

Let’s get down to brass tacks. This week was a “stepback” week. A slight tick up in weekly mileage and a tick down in the long run. This week’s long run was only 5 miles – yes *only*. When you hear 5 miles I can imagine the blood curdling screams from the running naive or those getting back into running; that was me just a couple of months ago! Now it seems like a vacation. So this week’s total runs were 3mi, 4mi, 3mi, then 5mi. Not bad,  right?  Well,  I didn’t think so until my 4 mile run. Oddly enough my right quad,  knee and calf started aching at only about 1.5 miles in. What the… What? That had never happened before. I was used to a little tightness or even cramping on a 10 mile run or more but 4 miles?! Ah well. Ratchet down, take it easy. Finished strong with no worries. Then the same thing happened on my “long run.” Again,  I backed off. 

I need to remind myself: this is MARATHON training! 

I’m not training for a 5k or 10k or even 20k! This is 26.2 miles! Take it easy,  hit your stride, don’t go crazy. Settle in for the long haul. This ONLY week three!

Coming up: week 4. Distance starts to get real. 

Week 4 = 9 miles; Week 5 = 10 miles; Week 6 = 7 miles; Week 7 = 12 miles; week 8 = 13.1!  

Ok, so it’s not so bad… To be honest, I’ve done those distances and know that I can do it. The second half is going to be my challenge. 
Settle in. Stay injury free. Listen to your body. Just. Keep. Running! 


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