Marathon Training: the beginning

Week 1: …in review

Last week I began marathon training for the Philadelphia Marathon.  I’m using the Hal Higdon novice 1 program and thus far – no problem! (of course my longest distance was 5 miles).  I was “so bored” with the task of running only 3 miles I began using them as speed training drills and have ran some of my fastest miles yet!  So far my fastest mile was 8:1 7.  It’s incredible to think that just a few months ago I was struggling to beat an 11 minute mile.  My first timed 5k I completed in 36minutes and change, now I’m routinely running a sub-28 minute 5k.  As I’m nearing the end of week 2 I’ll have a nice 7 mile long run for this week.

Things start to get real as of week 7 or so.  It’s a good thing I’ve mixed in a couple of races to keep my motivation up and will be looking forward to meeting new people and getting some sweet swag along the way!

I’ll be updating my training process along the way.  Footwear, outerwear, Body Glide needs, fuel testing (pre/post and during my runs), and hydration needs.  I’m looking forward to the entire process and seeing it as not only a test of my own will and physical ability, but as a science experiment of how well I can apply what I know and listen to/interpret my body and what it needs.

Keep on pushing. Keep on running.

Run – like a ‘BOS!

Philly Marathon 2016: In Training




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