Races registered! 

Plunge taken! 

My most recent long run turned into a full 13.1mi. Say whaaaaaaaat? Yep. Pushed through. After being proud of myself for pushing through to finish the first annual Doornbos Half I got thinking: could I possibly do a full marathon? 

Many of my running friends thought just the same… “Dude,  you’re totally ready for a full this fall!” “You’ve done the half,  time for the whole enchilada!” Their comments permeated my brain. Could I? Could I actually do 26.2mi and not die?! At the end of 13.1mi I was done! I did not want to go further. But,  a month ago that’s what I said after 7mi. If I just keep gently pushing, the impossible seemed much more possible and even reasonable. 

I had been looking through marathon reviews and a few kept popping up as good beginner marathons such as the Chicago Marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon. I have family in Chicago, but it’s 12 hours away driving and in September… I planned to do a half in September. Ok, next. Philadelphia is 2 hours away and in November, 2 months after my planned half. Perfect! 

I had never been so jittery before. Not even when I signed up for my board exam. I sat there with the ‘submit’ button staring me down. Submit… Submit… Submit… Submit to the thought that this is likely going to be the most difficult challenge of your life. Submit to the idea that it might break you. Submit to the idea that you might get injured. Submit to the idea that you might not finish. Submit to the idea that you’ll be part of the 0.5% to complete a marathon!  Submit. 

‘Submit’ clicked. No turning back now! I put my money where my mouth is. Heck, if anyone knows me, once I put money on something, it happens! So now! Time to hit the streets. Time to pound the pavement. Run. Rest. Repeat. I’ve got this! 

And for my warm up,  why not run part of the course with the Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon! Done and done. 


8 thoughts on “Races registered! 

      1. Awesome! I’m on the wait list for the wineglass half. I’ve heard really good things about it! Will sign up early for next year! Hope you get your BQ! Boston is amazing 🙂

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    1. Very cool! I just started running this year so I’m hoping it goes well. I’m excited yet terrified, ha! I’m using the Higdon novice 1 plan. Are you using a training plan? Good luck and maybe we’ll connect in Philly!


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