BibRave #ROTD (Runner of the Day) 

I’ve been running just over two months now. Nine weeks, today. In that time I’ve gone from being able to lightly jog for about 1 minute to run 13.1 miles without a walking break. Just,  wow. Never did I think I’d be running, let alone running half marathon miles! I owe a lot of my motivation to the encouraging folks at BibRave! 

The online community of BibRave has been amazing. I follow them on Twitter and the folks named BibRave pros have been incredible! Chiming in with tips/tricks of adding on miles safely or what products they might like best for hydrating along long runs and why. 

At BibRave’s you review races to let folks know the good the bad and the ugly about the races you’ve ran. For a novice runner this is fantastic! Want to make sure you’re not getting yourself in over your head with a tough race? Read a review. Of course there is some subjectivity, but it’s great to see the various opinions. I reviewed all the races I’ve done and I guess I may have caught someone’s generous eye! 

June 28, 2016 – I was named #ROTD (Runner of the Day)! 

Never would I have thought that I’d be named runner of the day for anythinganything,  let alone an online running community! This really was a confidence booster and aside from feeling self motivation. This was enough to push me over the edge and register for my first half and full marathon! Maybe I’m crazy. But I guess we’ll see! 

Many thanks to all of those at BibRave for their continued guidance and encouragement. My only hope is that one day I can be this gleaming light of motivation for someone else so they to can click ‘submit’ on their first race registrations! 

Check it out on Twitter:

And stop on over @runningdoornbos on Twitter to continue to follow me running down my dreams! 


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