Races registered! 

Plunge taken!  My most recent long run turned into a full 13.1mi. Say whaaaaaaaat? Yep. Pushed through. After being proud of myself for pushing through to finish the first annual Doornbos Half I got thinking: could I possibly do a full marathon?  Many of my running friends thought just the same... "Dude,  you're totally ready [...]


BibRave #ROTD (Runner of the Day) 

I've been running just over two months now. Nine weeks, today. In that time I've gone from being able to lightly jog for about 1 minute to run 13.1 miles without a walking break. Just,  wow. Never did I think I'd be running, let alone running half marathon miles! I owe a lot of my [...]

Running gear! 

Ok,  so we've all thought about the question,  "Does the gear make the runner or does the runner make the gear?"  I can agree that one shouldn't be swallowed by the world of gear out there, but I can say that from the addition of a properly fitting running shoe and the luxury of compression [...]